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Opening Arguments

Cheap and good

Hey, be careful out there -- "10 Black Friday Dos and Don'ts." Here's No. 8:

Don't Even Consider Buying a Cheap, Low-End Tablet

What's the point of buying a tablet if it can't run your apps and the picture is such a low resolution that all the pixels are so big that they look like Ben-Day dots. So please for the love of Jobs or the admiration of Android avoid low-cost craplets like the Ematic eGlide EGL25BL that Walmart sells. With its 7-inch resistive touch screen and 1-GHz processor, this sad slate is likely to send you screaming back to your PC.

A lot of them are in that spirit (no cheap phones, no crappy notebooks, etc., ectc.), and it's always good advice. The more concerned we are about getting a good price deal, the more likely we are to forget about quality.

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Mon, 11/26/2012 - 11:08am

Be careful about offending WalMart, Leo. You might mysteriously disappear, only to be found years later in a Chinese sweatshop. They have powers beyond our comprehension.

Harl Delos
Mon, 11/26/2012 - 4:20pm

When I  moved,  I had to give up my Virgin phone.  Virgin had been going downhill ever since Sprint bought them, and Sprint won't work in my new home.

So I went with AT&T. I was with them once before when they bought Cingular,  and they were FUBAR.  The real cost of a phone is the time, though, and at 10c a minute, I simply have to top up every 2-3 months for $25 and my unused minutes keep accumulating. 

I got my laptop a year ago Black Friday for $300, and I recently saw the same model being retailed at $699; it seems to impress all who've used it.  Reviews of the eGlide suggest it's not a deal at any price, but the Fire HD and the Nexxus 7 are receiving rave reviews.  It's not the price that matters; but brand counts for a lot. Samsung, Amazon, and Google tend to give you a lot for your money.  Apple gives you a lot, but you don't buy Apple, you rent it, either with a non-replaceable battery that stops taking a charge after  a year or so, or an operating system that needs to be upgraded once a year for $129.