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Opening Arguments

Good gig for a turncoat

Oh, dear God, say it isn't so:

President Obama is considering asking Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) to serve as his next defense secretary, part of an extensive rearrangement of his national security team that will include a permanent replacement for former CIA director David H. Petraeus.

Although Kerry is thought to covet the job of secretary of state, senior administration officials familiar with the transition planning said that nomination will almost certainly go to Susan E. Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Some things you never forget. I was a few years removed from Vietnam and even out of the Army when Jane Fonda made her infamous trip to North Vietnam. But she seemed a traitor then, and she still does today.  I'll never, ever, forgive her for that -- I continue to believe she should get down on her knees every night and thank God she hasn't been in prison for treason for the last 40 years.

And a lot of us won't forget John Kerry the "war hero" testifying before Congress about what rotten, evil baby killers members of the American military were. That was just to get into politics. Then, when it was good politics to go to the other side, he came out at the Democratic convention with that sickening little salute.

This man in charge of the defense of this country? Please.


tim zank
Tue, 11/13/2012 - 9:12am

You have to admit, his selection would make perfect sense for this administration...no lack of irony in any of Obama's departments these days...