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Opening Arguments

Perfectly awful

This ought to give Republicans pause:

President Barack Obama won a second term by taking the majority of swing states. But a closer look at exit polling data shows Obama lost the independent vote in most of those states over the last four years. Independents, who do not align with one political party or another, make up a fast-growing and coveted voting bloc.

So this really was a base election -- Obama got out the base, and Mitt Romney did not. So Republicans can't blame last week's results just on President Obama, the media or "the voters." They had a last chance to get rid of Obamacare and did not bother. They had a chance to re-energize the economy and took a pass. They had a chance to repair our broken foreign policy and stayed home instead.

I suppose they can blame Romney for not being the candidate they really wanted. Well, have you heard the one about the perfect being the enemy of the good?