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Opening Arguments

Drop that fry, sir!

You knew this was coming, right?

HURON, SD -Huron is the latest city in South Dakota to ban texting while driving.

The ordinance approved by the City Commission on Monday night also encompasses distracted driving. Mayor Dave McGirr says that includes everything from eating pizza to reading a newspaper while driving. The ordinance also bars drivers with learners' permits from talking on a phone while driving.

The ban on texting never bothered me very much -- it is a stupid and dangerous stunt. Even bans on talking on the phone have seemed more irritating than outrageous. But eating? Man, that would have seriously hampered my life on some days. And who can deny the downright pleasure of nibbling on some McDonald's fries while driving? I mean, if you have them in the car, how can you not? And are they gonna list every possible distraction known to man or just leave it vague and use their subjective judgment? Sometimes I'm distracted by things no one can even see, like a random thought. Oooh, there goes one now!