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Opening Arguments

Do it write now!

Here we go again. While I still think teaching cursive writing is important and losing it as a skill would make us poorer (see here), I'm not sure this is a good idea:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana legislators are again considering a push to require the teaching of cursive writing by the state's schools.
The issue first came up after the state Department of Education in 2011 dropped cursive writing as a required part of the school curriculum and told school districts that it expected students to become proficient in keyboard use.

Just because something is viewed as valuable, that doesn't mean it should be mandated, a distinction too many seem unwilling to make. On what to teach, I'm still a strong advocate for local control -- the Fort Wayne Community Schools board, for example, has a far better grasp than state legislators of what our students and the community need. And board members are easier to reach and argue with than members of the General Assembly.