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Opening Arguments

Give 'em an inch . . .

In response to a worldwide controversy that began in Australia, including at least two lawsuits, Subway now says it is steadfast in its commitment that "every Subway Footlong sandwich is 12 inches at each location worldwide," so just stop that whining about 11 inches, OK? This apparently reflects a change heart.

Although at the time of Corby's Facebook post, Subway Australia addressed the initial incident with a statement that said the "Footlong" is "not intended to be a measurement of length," it seems the company has since changed its mind.

Well, thank God, we can go back to trusting that a foot is really 12 inches. But I love that "footlong is not intended to be a measurement of length" response. It kind of lets the cat out of the bag about what advertising really is. Horsepower is not meant to be an actual measurement of power. The gigantic size of the bag is not meant to suggest how many potato chips are actually included with the air. The promises a politician makes are not intended to represent actual intentions.