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Opening Arguments

Have my back, OK, but don't look!

There are plenty of valid arguments to make against rushing into the whole women-in-combat thing, asking if standards will be lowered to the point of weakening national defense, for example. This doesn't sound like one of those valid arguments:

Some women can, and there will be few, but some can. But that's not the issue I raised initially. What I have raised is the issue of mixing the genders in those combat units where there is no privacy, where they are out on extended operations, and there's no opportunity for people to have any privacy whatsoever. Now, as a man who has been there, and a man who has some experience in these kinds of units, I certainly don't want to be in that environment with a female, because it's degrading and humiliating enough to do your personal hygiene and other normal functions among your teammates.

I can appreciate that some men and women might be embarrassed -- and some might even be mortified -- at ridding themselves of bodily fluids in each other's presence. But are those who are willing to spill their blood in front of each other really going to freak over peeing, for God's sake? On the other hand, I have gone camping with women a time or, too, and I remember them being awfully fussy about such things. I'd think twice about having them in the same foxhole.

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