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Opening Arguments

Lack of control


Det. Dale A Wilson of the Fort Wayne Police Department was suspended for three days for leaving his weapon in a public restroom in December. Wilson's suspension was one of the items on the Board of Safety's Agenda Monday.

According to Police Chief Rusty York, Wilson remembered he had left it in a restaurant restroom, but when he went back to the bathroom, the weapon was missing. After reviewing video from the restaurant, it was apparent several other individuals had been in the restroom between the time Wilson left it and when he went back for it. Wilson, who has been on the Fort Wayne Police Department for the past 27 years, had to purchase another weapon to replace the one he had lost. York said they have the registration number of the missing weapon in their files and should it turn up they will know.

See there, that's why police shouldn't have guns. They just lose track of them, so they end up in criminal hands.