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Opening Arguments

Naked city

Blatant disregard for the First Amendment:

Nudists in famously tolerant San Francisco lost a bid on Tuesday to block a city ban on nakedness in public places, when a federal judge threw out a legal challenge that argued public nudity was akin to political expression.

[. . .]

U.S. District Judge Edward Chen concluded that "nudity in and of itself is not inherently expressive," and denied the nudists' request for an injunction blocking the measure, which is due to go into effect on Friday.

[. . .]

"Unlike the burning of a flag, burning of a draft card, or wearing a black armband in protest against the war, public nudity in and of itself is not commonly associated with expression of a particular message," Chen wrote in his decision.

What's next, refusing to protect the right of nude dancers to smear themselves with chocolate on stage? What's this country coming to?