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Opening Arguments

Talk about getting socked

I appreciate the need for dress codes -- businesses want their employees to look a certain way, and accepting employment from a company means accepting their rules. But this is just plain stupid:

SANTA CLARA (CBS / AP) — Frank Gore will pay closer attention to his socks for the Super Bowl.

The San Francisco 49ers running back was fined $10,500 by the NFL on Wednesday after he wore his socks too low in Sunday’s NFC championship game at Atlanta, a uniform violation. It marked the second time he was fined this season.

Or is there a valid reason for low-sock bans that eludes me? It's not as if Gore is a slacker being punished just for being a slacker -- he ran for two touchdowns, which was one of the factors getting the 49ers into the Super Bowl.The man has six 1,000-yard rushing seasons.

Strange world.