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Opening Arguments

Adults only? Dreamer


Vine, the video-sharing app recently released by Twitter, now requires users to confirm that they are 17 or over. The move comes after Vine ran into a storm of controversy over adult content just after launch, with hardcore pornography showing up in the "editor's picks" section. Photo-sharing service 500px was also removed from the App Store over adult content fears before returning with a 17+ rating, and Tumblr followed suit by updating its iOS app to require a mature confirmation.

I hate to say it, but I think the keep-porn-way-from-the-children battle has already been lost. Geez -- kids will sneak into above-their-age movies but will tell the truth about their age to a video-sharing app? I don't know if any of you have checked it out lately (I did, just for the sake of research, honest), but the amount of truly hard-core stuff available online has just absolutely exploded. These are the kinds of leave-nothing-to-the-imagination clips we used to watch once or twice a lifetime at bachelor parties in smoky basements, only the quality is much better. And there are no safeguards we can put up that some kid more computer literate than we are can't figure a way around.