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Opening Arguments

Cold-dead-fingers update

When one party is so completely in the minority, its members can feel free to speak freely about what's really in their hearts and minds. So we have Missouri Democrats, outnumbered 24-10 in the Senate and 109-52 in the House, proposing this:

Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution.

The choices listed are: Get the weapon or magazine out of the state, render the weapon inoperable or surrender the weapon or magazine to the appropriate law enforcement authority. Yes, surrender, which people like Joe Biden say is just crazy talk, nobody will ever want to actually take your weapons from you. Malarky!

The truth is, though, is that confiscating weapons -- the way Australia did -- is the only way to have any meaningful gun control. There are something like 300 million guns in this country and just regulating the introduction of a few new ones here and there won't do a damn thing for public safety.