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Opening Arguments

Nowhere to hide

How cool is this?


KOKOMO, Ind. (AP) — Students in a north-central Indiana school district soon will be able to do their homework on the school bus, even it requires them to do research online.

Kokomo-Center Schools plans to equip all 65 of its school buses with wireless Internet access by the end of the school year. The plan is part of nearly $200,000 in transportation upgrades that also include a GPS tracking system for all 65 district buses. Installing the Internet service will cost $125,000, and annual service rates are $5,000, district spokesman Dave Barnes said Wednesday. Most of that annual fee is covered by a federal grant, he said.

Of course maybe the kids won't think so. "Oh, swell, now I can do homework on the bus."

There is a downside to this never-being-out-of-touch business. You're also never out of reach. At work here last week, they installed some remote-access software on my laptop so I can get into my work station from anywhere. We decided we wanted to start kicking off our weekly polls on Sundays instead of Mondays as a way of boosting our weekend web traffic. I can do that from home now.

Very cool the first time I did it -- technology still thrills me. But then it occurred to me I can never again just goof off at home when I get snowed in -- there''ll be no excuse to not get my work done. And what about that phone call I get when I'm deep in vacation mode with my brother in Texas? "Say, Leo, as long as you have your laptop with you, and you're not doing anything for a few hours . . ."