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Opening Arguments

Different but still bad


NELSON, Ga. —Every homeowner in a local town could soon have to own a gun or break the law. It's a controversial new plan for the city of Nelson.

Leaders told Channel 2's John Bachman the reason they need the law is because the city straddles Cherokee county to the south and Pickens County to the north.

That, they said, can lead to slower response times.

One police officer patrols Nelson, Georgia for eight hours during the day. That leaves 16 hours overnight when the city is basically unguarded.

[. . .]

The Nelson ordinance is modeled closely after the 1982 law passed in Kennesaw.

It requires gun ownership, but allows several outs, like if you're not physically or mentally able to handle a gun, or if you're a felon or have religious objections.

I can certainly see the value in having a gun if I lived in an area where police response is problematic, and I can even understand the benefit of the bad guys thinking everyone in town might be packing. But I don't want the government encroaching on a decision that should be mine to make -- whether or not to take advanage ot my 2nd Amendment right. Telling me I have to do it is just as objectionable as telling me I'm forbidden to do it.- Good lord, what's next? Telliing me I have to buy health insurance? Oh, wait . . .