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Opening Arguments

No. 16

Well, duh:

The "Freedom in the 50 States" study measured economic and personal freedom using a wide range of criteria, including tax rates, government spending and debt, regulatory burdens, and state laws covering land use, union organizing, gun control, education choice and more.

It found that the freest states tended to be conservative "red" states, while the least free were liberal "blue" states.

It should surprise no one that the least free state is New York. Atta boy, Mr. Bloomberg; way to go, Mr. Cuomo. The freest state is North Carolina. Indiana comes in at No. 16 -- not bad, but we can do better. The story also notes that Americans are moving in greater numbers from the less-free states to the more-free states. Gosh darn it, if they were patriotic citizens, they'd stay where they are and take their nanny state medicine like good little children.