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Opening Arguments

Pickpockets unleashed

Sigh. Nobody's interested in holding the line anymore:

A typical Allen County taxpayer could soon pay about $120 more each year and Fort Wayne government will likely scale back employee benefits as the city tries to tame its annual budget shortfall.

[. . .]

Councilman John Crawford, R-at large, said the tax increases – along with some budget cuts – would be necessary for the city just to maintain the services it provides now.

“We're not necessarily talking about huge increases in what we're doing, we're talking about not cutting what we're already doing,” Crawford said. “If we want to keep things the same, we've got to consider possible revenue increases.”

Et tu, John? Why assume that "keeping things the same" is the best option? Weren't you once a conservative who thought it was possible, even desirable, for government to do less? Before you ask for more of my money, I want proof that you're spending what you already get wisely. Think that proof exists?