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Opening Arguments

Star Trek, the tax generation

Go ahead and set that phaser on "kill," Capt. Kirk:

William Shatner said he is “appalled” by the Internal Revenue Services’s spoof of “Star Trek” — the television show that made him famous for his portrayal of Captain James Kirk.

Last week, the IRS apologized for spending $60,000 on the parody, which was intended to be used as a training video. Lawmakers — and now the show’s star actor — have blasted it as a senseless use of taxpayer money.

Below is the video, if you can stand to slog through all five minutes and 22 seconds. I couldn't. Even more appalling than the spending of $60,000 -- which means absolutely nothing in the pantheon of government waste -- is the fact that the video is so ploddingly, achingly, relentlessly  dull. And for a "parody," it's about as funny as -- well, as funny as you'd expect from the yuck-a-minute IRS.

"Star Trek" is holy out here in Nerdland. Don't mess with holy, 'K?