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Opening Arguments

Bad first date

So if you make a date online with a 16-year-old girl you've never met, and she turns out to really be a 16-year-old girl rather than a 45-year-old, pot-bellied cop named Max participating in a sting operation aimed at you, you're still not home free, Bub:

A 41-year-old Indiana man who met with a 16-year-old girl he found on Facebook was reportedly robbed of his wallet, cell phone and credit cards — allegedly by the girl and her friends.

The unidentified Indianapolis man told police on Thursday that he picked up the girl earlier that day at an apartment complex in Noblesville before driving to downtown Indianapolis, where they were  supposed to have a party at another location, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Upon arrival at the abandoned home, the teen told the man to wait outside. Moments later, he was attacked and threatened with a gun by two males who stole his wallet, keys and cell phone, a police report indicated.

Are there more cons and charlatans then ever, or do they just get more attention because they're operating from the Internet? I was going to ask if there were more middle-aged men who'll believe anything, but, on second thought, never mind.