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Opening Arguments

The eyes don't have it

They needed a study to discover what anyone who's ever been around a woman for five minutes already knows?

It's a cliché that men just don't understand women.

Now, new research suggests men really do struggle to read women's emotions — at least from their eyes.

The research, published Wednesday (April 10) in the journal  PLOS ONE, showed that men had twice as much trouble deciphering women's emotions from images of their eyes compared with those of men. Parts of the male brain tied to emotion also didn't activate as strongly when the men looked at women's eyes.

Who tries to read emotion in the eyes anyway? You can talk to somebody for an hour and get all sorts of verbal and nonverbal clues and still not quite understand the emotional landscape you're traveling through. I think a study might also discover women have trouble reading men's emotions, too.

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