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Opening Arguments

He does his own stunts

We're gonna have to come up with a new name. "Limousine liberal" just doesn't do him justice:

What's it like trying to survive on $1.50 a day? Ben Affleck and other celebrities are going to try it and tell their fans what it's like from first-hand experience.

Mr. Affleck will keep the cost of what he eats and drinks below $1.50 for at least one day to publicize and fund raise for Live Below the Line, an effort of The Global Poverty Project, according to a report from omg! at Yahoo.

Wow. He's going to live on $1.50 for at least one day. The humanity!

I know we've talked about this before -- how people who do this sort of thing are just posturing. You can't understand what it's like to be homeless by living on your front lawn in a tent for a few days, simply because you know you're going back to your real life when it's over. Real poverty means day-to-day fear and uncertaintiy that never stops. But posturing on this scale just has to be called the preposterous, offensive stunt that it is. Below the line? How about beneath contempt?

Poverty. Worldwide. I get it, 'K?


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