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Opening Arguments

Marco's folly

Oh my gosh, this seems like common sense in Congress:

A spokesman for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio says a hearing scheduled Wednesday in the Senate on the comprehensive immigration reform effort being pushed by the the Republican and seven other senators will be postponed until the end of the week.

“BREAKING: Lots of concern there wouldn’t be enough time to read bill before Wednesday’s Judiciary hearing, so hearing’s been moved to Friday,” Rubio spokesman Alex Conant wrote on Twitter.

A text of the massive bill, which was crafted without public scrutiny by a bipartisan group of senators popularly called the ”Gang of Eight,” has not yet been released. NBC News reported Monday that the Gang of Eight’s members are “racing to complete” the legislation and hope to present it formally on Tuesday.

Some people actually want to read the legislation before they vote on it! On the other hand, it is 844 pages long, so the chances they'll actually understand it are slim. This is going to be like Obamacare: We'll have to watch it start rolling out to know how many ways it will screw us. Chances this immigration bill will have the same result as the last one by only intensifying the problem we already have: 100 percent.

"Crafted without public scrutiny." Uh-huh.