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Opening Arguments

Wanna hug that tree before I turn it into furniture?

And a happy "skip the recycling for a day so you can can add one more load to the landfill" to you:

It's a day to celebrate the most famous mother of all — Mother Earth. This Monday (April 22) marks the 43rd Earth Day, with more than 1 billion people in 192 countries expected to participate in activities this year.

Though Earth Day is mainstreamnow, its roots go back to the radical 1960s. So as people break ground for a tree planting or take a few hours to recycle their old laptops, LiveScience looks back at the role Earth Day played in environmental change. From its hippie roots to its global reach, here are five fun facts about Earth Day.

We all have our Earh Day missions. That's mine. It gives the environmentalists someone to pity and encourages them to keep on preaching.

Yeah, those darn hippies again. I was one of those rascally counterculturists myself, for about six months. We sure did a lot of damage to this country.

Did you catch me in my little fib? Don't recycle. Never have. Never will.

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