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Opening Arguments

On account of the weather

Outstanding, sir!

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — And a rallying cry goes up around the office:

“They should do that here!”

The Bellingham Christian School plans to cancel school Friday on account of the “exceptionally nice” weather forecasted for the Puget Sound region.

The principal of Bellingham Christian School in the 1600 block of East Sunset Drive sent a letter to parents earlier this week saying they would most likely forgo a day of school to enjoy the sunshine. He called canceling a day of school for nice weather a good move in an effort to “promote positive school culture.” He also said a day off was “just for fun."

Typically we cancel school for bad weather, so why not have some fun and cancel school due to fabulous weather?” Principal Bob Samson said.

Why not, indeed? I also think it would be cool if companies -- like, oh, this one -- gave workers a couple of "well days" a year in addition to our sick days, so we could call in and say, "You know, this is one of those days when I just feel too darn good to waste my time on work. See you tomorrow."

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