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Opening Arguments

Better than a patch

Remember that O'Henry story about the bum who tried to get thrown in jail so he'd have food and a place to stay on Christmas? This one tops that by a mile:

A Sacramento woman came up with a pretty unique way of forcing herself to stop smoking.

31-year-old Etta Lopez deliberately got in the face of Sacramento County Deputy Matt Campoy as he was leaving the county jail and slapped him. Lopez was immediately arrested. After she was in cuffs, Lopez admitted that she had an ulterior motive for causing the confrontation.

[. . .]

Facilities in the state of California are supposed to be smoke-free. Lopez realized that if she was locked up in one, she wouldn’t be able to smoke. Inmates are encouraged to quit while incarcerated and given help with kits containing gum and straws that they can chew on, The Inquisitr reported.

It takes most smokers three or four tries to actually succeed in quitting, so let's hope the Sacramento jail is tolerable. As the story notes, "this is not the method that most health professionals would recommend."