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Opening Arguments

In case you haven't had enough of her

Hey, here's the movie we've all been waiting for, huh?

Before she could be on the ballot for 2016, Hillary Clinton might be on the big screen.

James Ponsoldt told POLITICO that he’s on board to direct “Rodham,” a movie in the works about a 20-something Hillary Clinton juggling a Washington career with long-distance boyfriend Bill Clinton.

[. . .]

"We’re meeting with a number of actresses. Everyone’s throwing in their own two cents. Everybody thought Meryl Streep would play Hillary, but this follows a young Hillary. It’s a tough part. A physical resemblance is helpful, but more importantly the actress has to be believed that she is the smartest person you’ve ever met and one of the most driven and ambitious — in a good way,” Ponsoldt said.

“As for Bill, he’s also the smartest in the room — and most charismatic,” he added. “What’s so exciting about this story is it highlights a point in her life as an individual, she was a political superstar. She was someone Bill pursued. She didn’t pursue him — he pursued her.”

If two people think they're the smartest in the room, one of them must be wrong, I think. Must be why I continue to be fascinated by the charlatans who inhabit politics. "Driven and ambitious, but in a good way." Right.