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Opening Arguments

Don't be a hungry shopper

Well, duh:

Reuters Health) - A new study offers evidence to support what many people have learned for themselves: never go grocery shopping when you're hungry.

Researchers found that people who hadn't eaten all afternoon chose more high-calorie foods in a simulated supermarket than those who were given a snack just before online food shopping.

And in a real grocery store, shoppers bought a higher ratio of high-calorie foods to low-calorie ones in the hours leading up to dinnertime compared to earlier in the day, the study team observed.

As ther story notes, "many" ("most"?) people have learned this all on their own, without the benefit of a "study." When I go grocery shopping, I always stop for breakfast or lunch first, depending on when I get my lazy butt out the door. It doesn't affect the bulk of my shopping, since I buy mostly the same things all the time, but it does cut down on the amount of impulse buying I do.