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Opening Arguments

Out of the main stream

I'm not sure this is quite the big deal the TV people seem to think it is:

Disney's ABC network will become the first broadcast network to stream its shows live online through an ongoing service, starting with viewers of its TV stations in New York and Philadelphia on May 14 and expanding to its other stations by the end of the summer.

To promote its WATCH ABC service, through the end of June Disney is allowing all viewers of its WABC station in New York and WPVI station in Philadelphia to watch live ABC programs online or on mobile devices by downloading the WATCH ABC app, Disney said in a statement.

The app will initially allow users to be able to watch the service on Apple's iPad and iPhone and on the Kindle Fire device, and later this summer on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Other networks are expected to follow Disney, as traditional broadcasters scramble to keep viewers watching its programs instead of drifting off to Netflix and other online services.

Maybe a few years ago it would have been really exciting news. Byt being able to watch live  streaming on our portable devices will be like having a number of portable TVs in various places, and big deal. What people want today is to be able to watch what they want, when and how and where they want to. Seeing it "live" isn't that big a deal, except possibly for the news.

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