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Opening Arguments


Giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses and access to government benefits was dumb. But this is just insane:

ON THURSDAY, non-citizen, immigrant voting will return to New York City’s political agenda. The City Council Committee on Immigration and the Committee on Government Relations will hold a join hearing tomorrow on non-citizen permanent resident voting in municipal elections. Council Immigration Committee Chair Daniel Dromm is leading the Council’s effort, along with Government Relations Committee Chair Gail Brewer.

[. . .]

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg opposes the measure. He said through a spokeswoman that “voting is the most important right we are granted as citizens and you should have to go through the process of becoming a citizen and declaring allegiance to this country before being given that right.” The legislation currently has enough support in the city council, however, to override the mayor’s veto.

Will wonders never cease -- I agree with Bloomberg on this one, and note that on this issue it doesn't matter if you're a legal or an illegal immigrant. Voting is part of the contract between the governors and those governed; voting provides both he validity and enforcement of the contract. Widening the franchise to include non-citizens is preposterous.