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Opening Arguments

The rights stuff

Here's some scary stuff, because while this woman is one of the few dumb enough to say it out loud, there are a whole lot of people in government who think exactly the same way . . .

Illinois State Representative Sara Feigenholtz thinks her job is to “give rights” to people.

[. . .]

In the interview, Feigenholtz, a Chicago Democrat in the 12th District, announced her intention to “give rights” to the gay community in Illinois and felt that this “giving” of rights was one of the most important jobs of elected officials.

“For me, the most precious thing I do as a lawmaker is giving people rights,” Feigenholtz said. “We have a powerful opportunity as elected officials to do this.”

Ah, a "Chicago Democrat," just like somebody else we can think of who shares that expansive view of government. I'm guessing it would be a waste of time to point out to her that the whole point of this country was that government's job is to protect rights we already have just by virtue of being human and that something dispensed from above is a prilege rather than a right.