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Opening Arguments

See train wreck

Ouch. Who could have seen thiscoming?

(AP) — Fort Wayne Community Schools is cutting the hours of 610 part-time teaching aides and cafeteria workers to save money and to avoid providing them health insurance under the federal health care overhaul, its chief financial officer said.

FWCS is cutting their hours from 30 to 25 each week beginning June 3 because insurance would have cost $10 million, CFO Kathy Friend said.

This is happening in communities all across the country, in public institutions and private companies alike, so we're talking about millions of people. All these people will help swell the Medicaid roles or get premium subsidies. Since it merely hastens the day when we go to a single-payer system, it's hard to believe the administration is all that upset about the situation. Lord - "train wreck" seems understated:

In total, it appears that there will be 30 million to 40 million people damaged in some fashion by the Affordable Care Act—more than one in 10 Americans. When that reality becomes clearer, the law is going to start losing its friends in the media, who are inclined to support the president and his initiatives. We'll hear about innocent victims who saw their premiums skyrocket, who were barred from seeing their usual doctor, who had their hours cut or lost their insurance entirely—all thanks to the faceless bureaucracy administering a federal law.

Where were those crusading journalists when we needed them? And let's not forget the voters, who had a chance to repeal Obamacare through their votes in the last election but, alas, chose not to.