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Opening Arguments

Dogs and cats

Dang. In polls trying to figure how many Americans are cat lovers and how many are dog lovers, dogs have been edging up in popularity, though it has remained pretty close. But a new poll shows we are overwhelmingly -- and I mean overwhelmingly -- dog lovers, by more than 30 points if you can believe it:

I thought there’d be a stronger feline showing among both Dems and women. Nope. Both top out at 26 percent. In a world of partisan gaps and gender gaps, the population errs on this one uniformly.

In fact, unless I missed something in PPP’s crosstabs, there’s only one demographic that puts cats within double digits of dogs. It’s landslide after landslide when testing for sex, race, ideology, geography, even vegan/vegetarianism. Only one group makes a contest of it. The free-thinkers, the contrarians — the young adults.

Via Allahpundit at Hot Air, who expresses my sentiments exactly: I can accept defeat on this question, but I can't accept a landslide. I think cat lovers should demand a recount and see if the results can be replicated. Personally I think the fix was in. Bet the poll was conducted by a bunch of dog-loving sociopaths.

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