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Opening Arguments

Smile, you're on my phone

The question of the day: Is the digital camera dead? And the obvious answer is, You betcha:

That may sound like a silly question in this age of instant publication of digital photography, but the rapid advance of handheld technology in photography may spell the end of an entire class of cameras. CNN looks at the fast growth in photography apps in the cell-phone market, and asks whether the point-and-shoot digital cameras have become the dinosaurs of photography less than a generation after their introduction:

I used to lug around a point-and-shoot camera and a small video camera and a digital tape recorder all the time just in case I stumbled across something newsworthy. Now all three of those functions (and a whole lot more) reside in my smart phione. I still have a camera and hi-def video camera I can drag out on special offcasions, but I use them less and less.