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Opening Arguments

The limits of good intentions

Wow, talk about lost causes and futile efforts:

A UFO group is convinced it can rehabilitate the image of the swastika no matter what furor it causes.

The group, known as the Raelian International Movement, has declared July 20 as "Swastika Rehabilitation Day," with the goal being taking back the controversial symbol from the Nazis and returning it to its former glory as a symbol of good luck.

Before Adolph Hitler adopted the swastika, the symbol was already thousands of years old, appearing on Hindu and Buddhist temples, in Native American artwork and even in Jewish synagogues in Israel, according to spokesman Thomas Kaenzig.

Yes, I understand very well that the swastika was a symbol of good rather than evil for thousands of years. And we all believe in rehabilitation and redemption. But the symbol is never, ever again going to be anything but shorthand for the most reviled bunch of monsters in human history. A UFO group, for goodness sake? I think they must have already been abducted and operated on.

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