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Opening Arguments

Question of the day

There's nothing really connecting these two stories except the fact that I saw them around the same time and both tickled me. From here:

Broccoli is getting a moment of redemption in the White House.

President Obama said Tuesday that the vegetable is his favorite food, according to pool reports. This redemption comes more than two decades after President George H.W. Bush declared that he didn’t like broccoli and was not going to eat it anymore.

And there:

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt has a stash of 38,000 menthol cigarettes in his home, because he fears the EU will try to ban them.

Lifelong nicotene addict Mr Schmidt, 94, puffs away on 40 a day and never appears on TV or in public without a filter tip in his hand or mouth.

Friends say he was 'horrified'  to learn that Brussels is currently considering a ban on his only vice. 

So he has stashed 200 cartons totalling 38,000 cigarettes of his favourite brand - Reyno - in his home.

For some reason, T.S. Eliot sprang to mind:

Shall I hoard menthol cigatettes,

or wolf down broccoli on rye baguettes?

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