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Opening Arguments

Smart mouths

Guess it's official now -- The Associated Press is part of the Media For Obama cheering section:

President Barack Obama is laying our a vision for better government services delivered at lower taxpayer expense.

Obama was meeting with his Cabinet Monday morning to discuss his second-term plan for smarter government. He then plans to deliver public remarks on his management agenda from the White House.

At a time when Congress is holding up many of the president's legisaltive priorities, the initiative is a way Obama can try to show leadershoip on improving government without lawmaker approval.

Yeah, those rotten holder-uppers in Congress, meanly thwarting the president's lovely agenda. Well, who needs them? We'll just go around them with "smarter government." All of this delivered without critical assessment or even a skeptical note of press dtetachment.

Immediate mockery from Twitter:

Lol, oh my sides! My sides! Will stop laughing in 6 hrs


Sounds like an Onion headline


i with stupid -- obama pressses incompetent cabinet to find 'smarter' ways to run the gov