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Opening Arguments

Uncharted territiry

Boy, here's a milestone it's not good to reach:

CNS News reports that our shriveled full-time private sector workforce is now smaller than the number of people who receive subsidized food assistance from the federal government.

[. . .]

Those programs range far beyond the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), but that program is also hitting record highs, claiming 47 million beneficiaries at a cost of $88.6 billion.  Other programs include school lunches, the WIC program for low-income pregnant women, and a program to subsidize the purchase of food at farmers’ markets for seniors, women, and children.  The Inspector General just released a report identifying considerable overlap between these programs, to the point where some individuals may be receiving “total benefits in excess of 100 percent of daily nutritional needs.”

Don't ask me what it means -- we'll all have our own interpretation based on our political predispositions. We're in uncharted territory here, and the best we can do is informed speculation. A tipping point? OK, but from what to what?

(h/t to Larry)