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Opening Arguments

Your cat ain't a vegan

Speaking of morons:

A KITTEN has almost died after its owners fed it a strict vegan diet.

The horrific case at a North Melbourne animal hospital has prompted a warning about the dangers of people "forcing ideologies" on their pets.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital veterinarian Leanne Pinfold said the kitten was brought in this month by its owners, who were believed to be vegan.

She said the kitten's diet of potatoes, rice milk and pasta had caused it to become critically ill.

"It was extremely weak and collapsed when it came in. It was almost non-responsive," Dr Pinfold said.

The kitten was given fluids via a drip, placed on a heat pad and fed meat.

It remained in hospital for three days after which the kitten's owners were given meat to feed their pet at home, she said.

Aww, they were given meat to feed their kitty! Suppose they can even get to sleep at night knowing the vile stuff is there in their very home? Best quote: "You can't force your ideology on the cat." I've tried to turn my kitties into libertarians, but they insist on anarchy.

(Viastapun Instapundit, who notes: "Nature is what it is, not what you want it to be."

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