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Opening Arguments


Yeah, yeah, sure, we're all supposed to get our 15 minutes, but Sydney Leathers is abusing the privilege:


On Howard Stern you discussed crashing a press conference of Anthony Weiner's. Really? Would you really do that? 
It’s a possibility. That was Howard [Stern’s] idea. I was like, “I love it.”

Why would you do it? Are you looking for closure?
There’s no closure needed or anything like that. I would like him to stop lying. 

So what would you say to him?
Oh my gosh, there’s so many things I would say. Obviously he needs to stop humiliating his wife. That’s very difficult for everyone to watch. I feel sorry for her. 

But in the same way you don't feel humiliated, Weiner's wife doesn’t feel humiliated either. Or says she doesn’t. 
I think she does, though. If you watch that press conference that she spoke at, it seemed like she was embarrassed and shaken up. She just didn’t seem happy. 

But somebody out there could be thinking the same thing about you, that your pride is a facade for shame. Do you think she’s entitled to her pride about this?
Yeah...I can’t tell her what to feel or what to think. 

What’s been the most disappointing part of this whole process? 
How easy it is for people to run and say things without knowing the facts. 

Say what things?
That I’m a homewrecker. And I lured him into this situation just to get some notoriety, which totally isn’t the case at all.

I don't who she's giving more of a bad name, Hoosiers or Millennials. But, please go away now, Sydney. Enough already.