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Opening Arguments


Since it appears we'll be back on a war footing any day now (whether in a limited way or as an introduction to Armageddon it's hard to say), let's take a look at what a true military hero looks like. Meet Ty Michael Carter, only the fifth living Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam:

Carter, 33, appeared reflective and at times smiled bashfully as Obama recognized him for his “conspicuous gallantry” in the dramatic Battle of Kamdesh, a day-long firefight with Taliban militants at a remote Afghan outpost near the Pakistan border.

Early in his remarks in the White House’s East Room, Obama turned to Carter’s young children and said: “If you want to know what a true American hero looks like, then you don't have to lool too far."

The quick-moving staff sergeant braved a blizzard of bullets to take out Taliban fighters and rescue a wounded brother-in-arms during the Oct. 3, 2009, clash, which left eight American soldiers dead and wounded more than 25 others, according to the Army’s official account of the event. It was the deadliest day for U.S. forces in the war effort that year.

“Without regard to his own safety, Spc. Ty Michael Carter proved himself time and time again,” according to the Army account.

“He resupplied ammunition to fighting positions, provided first aid to a battle buddy, killed enemy troops, and valiantly risked his own life to save a fellow soldier who was injured and pinned down by overwhelming fire” after Taliban militants slammed Combat Outpost Keating with rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns, mortars and rifles, according to the Army.

I think most of wonder how we'd react in that "blizzard of bullets" scenario. We hope we'd be courageous and do the right thing but fear we'd become cowering, quivering cowards. Until we're faced with it, we can't really know. I went to a Civil War re-enactment in a local park a few years ago and realized I just could not fathom the way soldiers behave sometimes. How can you keep marching straight into enemy fire as comrades on either side of you keep falling?

It notes in the story that Carter has been very open about his struggles with PTSD, and that he has decided to stay in the Army to help other soldiers suffering from it. Once ahero, always a hero.

While we're on the subject of the military: Yesterday I posted about the VA functionaries outrageously getting big bonuses despite letting the disability claims pile up. Today, we have a new set of scumbags at the IRS:

If the president wants to get angry about something, how about getting mad about the IRS leaping on the American Legion, requiring individual Legion posts to provide proof of their members' eligibility, virtually accusing the veterans organization of being a cover for and sanctioning tax fraud?

As the Daily Caller has learned, this targeting of the American Legion is happening under a 13-part section of Part 4, Chapter 76 of the Internal Revenue Manual pertaining to "veterans' organizations." The section falls under "Exempt Organizations Examination Guidelines," which was the jurisdiction of Exempt Organizations head Lerner.

"The American Legion has recently learned of the so-called IRS 'audit manual' and is concerned that portions of it attempt to amend statutes passed by Congress and approved by the president," American Legion legal counsel Philip Onderdonk Jr. told The Daily Caller.

"The IRS now requires American Legion posts to maintain dates of service and character of service records for all members. ...The penalty for not having the required proof of eligibility is, apparently, $1,000 per day," the American Legion stated.

'Unconscionable' is an overused word in describing the abuses of power and the continual overstepping of legal and constitutional boundaries by this administration. But it certainly applies in this case. The American Legion is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit veterans organization chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919, and now has more than 2.4 million members in 14,000 posts worldwide, according to its website. It has never had to deal with such a requirement until now.

Unconscionable indeed.



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