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Opening Arguments

The monster speaks

The most outrageous "blame the victim" defense you're likely to hear all year:

At Thursday’s emotional, 4-hour sentencing hearing, Cleveland murderer, rapist, and kidnapper Ariel Castro said, “I am not a monster. I am sick.”  He denied he was a violent person and said he was a “happy person inside” but suffered from a porn addiction.

[. . .]

During the hearing, which the victims attended, Castro claimed that sex with the young women was mostly consensual and that they asked him for sex. “As God as my witness, I never tortured these victims, I never beat them,” he claimed, despite volumes of evidence to the contrary. He said, “These girls were not virgins and had been with multiple partners before me. I did not prey on these women.”

Think of him the next time you hear some TV pretty face talking with a shrink about the "sickness" of sexual predators. A monster is a monster, even when they've learned to speak psychobabble.