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Opening Arguments

A slight oversight


What goes up must walk down.

In what will surely go down in history as one the greatest architectural blunders, the town of Benidorm in Alicante, Spain, had almost completed its 47-story skyscraper when it realized it excluded plans for elevator shafts.

Despite its name, the InTempo skyscraper was, seemingly rushed through the blueprint process, and its attempted message of prosperity through the country's economic tumult has become one that is more fitting to the current state of things in Spain as a whole.

I was thinking that would be the perfect metaphor for government today, except for the fact that they do keep giving us the shaft.

UPDATE: Whoops again. Looks like some of us fell for a hoax.

The hoax seems to come from a bad translation by Gizmodo of a somewhat confusing article in the Spanish daily El País which only touches the elevator issue tangentially (it's basically about chaos in the building planning), but that doesn't really say that the building lacks elevators. The original El Pais piece was taken by a Spanish Kinja contributor, with a very slanted take, picked by Gizmodo, and from there to the stratosphere...

I'm told that several American TV crews (CNN, CBS etc) arrived yesterday in Benidorm to cover the story. If so, the trip's gonna be wasted...