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Opening Arguments

A team effort

This still seems wrong to me:

East Allen County Schools board voted Tuesday night to allow homeschooled students to participate on the district's high school athletic teams.

[. . .]

EACS officials believe the district is the first in the state to allow homeschooled athletes to play for IHSAA member schools.

"East Allen County Schools is proud to be the pioneer in this arena," Dr. Kenneth Folks, EACS superintendent, said in a statement. "We're anxious to serve the community by providing an opportunity for these student athletes to participate within our athletic programs."

So the kids don't have to go to the nasty old public school that their parents object to for whatever reason but they're allowed to participate in the fun stuff anyway. They getting to skip the peas but still have the dessert. If the school could provide something to the kids that they'd lack from home schooling, fine, let them dip their toes in instead of being full-time students. But the primary benefit of athletic competition is to aquire social skills, right? Isn't that what home-schooling seeks to avoid?

Not sure the superintendent should go around bragging about being a pioneer in this particular area.