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Opening Arguments

The them in them vs. us

Today we learn a new phrase -- the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Government -- and it says everything we need to know about politics today:

Here we go again. In the wake of Sept. 11 — an atrocity wholly attributable to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provided most of the hijackers and whose evil Wahabbist ideology offered the emotional and “religious” justification for mass murder — the Bush administration did almost everything wrong: attacking Iraq, trying to “nation-build” in Afghanistan, creating the ludicrous Department of Homeland Security and its idiot stepchild, the Transportation Security Administration, appointing a useless director of national intelligence, and establishing the Big Brother security state that Barack Hussein Obama is now exploiting to spy on the very people he is supposed to lead.

Deceptively running on an “I’m not Bush” platform, Obama has merrily presided over the third and now the fourth terms of the Bush administration — a cause in which he is happily joined by the likes of Arizona Senator John McCain and his mini-me from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, two of the charter members of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Government that has been in power in the U.S. since 1988 and shows no signs of lessening its choke hold on the nation.

I don't see how anybody could read the whole article (highly recommended) and not realize how desperately we need a strong and viable third party. Hell, we need a strong and viable second party. President Obama didn't win a second term because of all those so-called independent voters. He won because his base came out and the GOP's didn't. I think a lot of them didn't see the point of choosing a Republican Big Government booster over a Democratic one.