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Opening Arguments

Work week

Today's "well, duh" entry. A study from South Korea finds that shortening the work week does not necessarily result in happier workers. The reason?

Partially, the lack of impact on overall happiness could be due to companies reducing the number of hours their employees worked, but not the amount of work they were required to complete.

[. . .]

Rudolph concludes that either long work hours aren't as intimately tied to personal happiness as we thought, or whatever positive effect reducing working hours might provide is just completely obliterated by the increased intensity of companies trying to fit in the same amount of work into fewer hours.

Give me fewer hours to do the same work and I'm not thrilled with you? Who knew?! But seriously, I do find that I feel more stressed at work not when the amount of work is too burdensome but when the pace seems too fast to allow for time to slow down and pause momentarily during the day.

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