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Opening Arguments

Yes, he certainly is sorry

Well, hell, then, as long as you're sorry, guess we'll just let you go:

Pte First Class Bradley Manning has apologised for hurting the US by leaking a trove of classified US government documents to Wikileaks.

At a sentencing hearing in Fort Meade, Maryland, Pte Manning, 25, said he had mistakenly believed he could "change the world for the better".

And he said that in retrospect, he should have worked "inside the system".

Pte Manning, 25, faces up to 90 years in prison following his conviction in July on espionage and other charges.

In an unsworn statement at the hearing in the sentencing phase of his court martial, Pte Manning said: "I'm sorry that my actions hurt people. I'm sorry that it hurt the United States.

"I'm apologising for the unexpected results of my actions. The last three years have been a learning experience for me."

God, what a jerk. The "unexpected" results? It didn't occur to him that leaking our secrets might help our enemies? Treason, treason, treason. Give him the max.

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