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Opening Arguments

Surefire argument ender

Luckily for me, I guess, all those "nature of the universe" all-night arguments we had in college were not fueled by alcohol and cocaine:

An Oakland man has been found guilty of first-degree murder for shooting and killing his friend during an alcohol and cocaine-fueled argument over the existence of God.

33-year-old Douglas Yim was also found guilty Tuesday of assault with a firearm and mayhem for shooting a second friend in his living room two years ago.

Yim killed 25-year-old Dzuy Duhn Phan after a night of partying and playing video games. Another friend, Paul Park, testified the two men had engaged in a heated discussion about God.

Yim became enraged and grabbed his gun after Phan asked Yim where God was when Yim’s father died of a stroke several years earlier.

How dare you question the existence of God! Allow me to introduce you to him, bam, bam, bam! I decided to post about this story because it seemed odd, but on second thought it's just religious intolerance in microcosm, isn't it? How many millions have killed and died because their gods clashed?

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