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Opening Arguments

Less than zero

To protect young people from alcohol-related death and injury, Indiana has a relatively new law granting immunity to those who call law enforcement to aid intoxicated friends in alcohol-related emergencies. In one Massachusetts community, they've decided  to go the other way:

No good deed goes unpunished, at least in the case of 17-year-old Erin Cox.

Cox, who was the captain of North Andover High School's volleyball team, is facing repercussions for her "involvement in an underage drinking party," reports the New England Sports Network. According to the NESN, she drove to the party to pick up an intoxicated friend who had requested a ride on Friday night.

When she arrived, police were already on scene, making arrests for underage drinking and possession of alcohol. Police also warned others who weren't arrested -- including Cox -- that they would be summoned to court, says NESN.

Though she did not drink nor was in possession of alcohol, North Andover High School officials also cited her in violation of the district's zero tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use, reports CBS Boston.

As a result, Cox has been demoted from captain of the volleyball team and will be suspended from playing for five games.

Anytime you see the phrase "zero tolerance," whether it's for weapons, drugs and alcohol or anything else, it's safe to assume that a bunch of craven bureucrats have decided they don't want to take the responsibility for making judgment calls. Heavens, they might get it wrong and somebody might sue or something! So a blanket policy is adopted that removes the need for actually thinking about a specific situation.

More and more people are suing over idiotic overreaches such as these(including in this case), so maybe we're devloping a zero-tolerance attitude toward zero tolerance. Good.

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