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Opening Arguments


Ho hum, theyr're arguing again:

Looks like troubles come in threes for CNN lately. First the cable news company had its worst single primetime in over a year on October 30, then it had its worst week since Jeff Zucker took over and now the relaunched Crossfire has hit new lows. Resuscitated on September 9 after eight years off the air, the political debate show pulled in just 233,00 viewers overall and a mere 59,000 among adults 25-54 between 6:30 PM and 7 PM on Monday.

"Crossfire" never was illuminating or even mildly entertaining, but the first time around it at leas tseemed a little novel, Now, all of politics on the tube is like that, simpleminded exchanges of left and right talking points.

There's a show on an Indianapolis TV station that's rebroadcast on PBS here every Sunday called "Indiana Week in Reivew." I used to tune in regularly to make sure there were no statewide issues I was missing. But I've almost given up on it now because of the format. Besides the moderator, there are four panelists -- usually two journalists and the Designated Republican and the Designated Democrat. The two political hacks never say anything remotely honest. They never, ever deviate from the party line. That means half of the half-hour show is totally wasted.