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Opening Arguments

O, you big liar

No, no, no, no:

As Meg Ryan famously demonstrated in "When Harry Met Sally," women can -- and do -- fake orgasms in bed. But a new survey suggests that it's men who are more likely to fake the Big O -- and that's not the only thing they're lying about between the sheets.

Polling more than 1,200 of its readers, Australia's The Sunday Telegraph discovered that 23 percent of men admitted to faking an orgasm with their partner, compared to just 20.6 percent of women.

So, all men are in danger of finishig prematurely all the time, but 23 percent just get tired of the whole thing and pretend to be done? Not sure I'm buying that.

"Yes dear. That's interesting. Go on. Certainly, dear." That's what it really sounds like when a man is faking it.