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Opening Arguments

Sunday delivery!

Postal Service: Well, Congress won't let us cut back on delievery. So let's go the other way:

The cash-short United States Postal Service, which has failed to win congressional approval to stop delivering mail on Saturdays to save money, has struck a deal with the online retailer Amazon.comto deliver the company’s packages on Sundays — a first for both, with obvious advantages for each.

For the Postal Service, which lost nearly $16 billion last year, first-class mail delivery, particularly on Saturdays, is often a money loser, whereas package delivery is profitable.

The deal, announced on Sunday and taking effect immediately, in time for the holiday shopping season, gives the Postal Service a chance to take some business from United Parcel Service and FedEx, which do not deliver on Sundays.

I'm trying to see the downside, but it really does look like a good deal for both sides. In fact, it seems like such a sensible public-private venture I'm surprised somebody in government came up with it.

Great deal for us consumers, too. For most of the things the Post Office delivers, It doesn't matter if they get to to their destinations a day or two sooner or later. Presents ordered at Christmas time are another matter. As an Amazon Prime member, it looks like I'll be eligible for free two-day shipping on a lot of things. Hot damn, I got in on something good early for a change.